About Us

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Hello, I am Leah and after much encouragement from friends and family I started our family travel blog, Flip Flops and Adventures.



I believe that every single day can be an adventure! My husband Justin and I have both always loved to travel and make choices every day to prioritize experiences over things. Sometimes we take a “mini-adventure” somewhere in our hometown to a festival or a museum, other times it may be a weekend away in a cabin or to a theme park in our state. But my very favorite type of adventure are ones filled with new, far away places, delicious exotic foods and fascinating history!

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Way of Life

I have always chosen jobs that allowed or provided me the opportunity to explore our beautiful world.  So, I was thrilled to find an adventurous partner to travel with. We traveled as frequently as we could manage before we had Jameson (now 3 years old). Friends and family told countless times that once we had kids, all of our traveling would be over. We swore that would not be the case.  It is our wish that our child experience different places and cultures from a young age. He is joining our family’s lifestyle as the newest (and cutest) member.

We booked his first flight before he was born and he went to Kauai when he was 4 months old!

Travel Mission

So what’s the plan now that we have a kid?  Well, we have actually travelled to more countries since Jameson joined the family than we covered in all the years of traveling before he was born. Flip Flops and Adventures will be all about sharing the places that we experience, tips and tricks for traveling with little ones, favorites and recommendations for different destinations and hopefully answering questions from our readers! Is there something that you are interested in reading about? Please let me know!

Come Adventure with Us!

I hope you will follow along on our adventures!